Integrity Matters! : The Ground on Which Workability Stands

The Centerpiece of Workability is Integrity

July 21, 2021

IMAGINE: Individuals in your organization doing what they said they would do, and on time. And, if not, being responsible for it.

This is a radical new way for organizations and employees to realistically embrace Integrity such that “Workability” is maximizable…and therefore, so is productivity. Imagine what would it look like to have employees make things work rather than coming up with excuses, justifications, explanations and stories? Imagine what would it look like to produce results that right now do not seem possible? What would it look like to reliably produce the goals, objectives and measures you promised? Imagine what would it be like for the organization if employees were straight with their communications when they know they will not keep their promises? Participating in this course, we are introducing the establishment of radical, new, realistic, implementable, Integrity that’s honest and that increases workability and thus productivity. Out of this course, your people will see work and their personal lives differently. We will offer you new practices, that if, followed and implemented into one's life, will produce outstanding results.

Sessions take place on Zoom platform:

SESSION 1    Wednesday, July 21, 2021     8:30 am - 1:00pm

SESSION 2    Monday,  August 9, 2021    8:30am - 1:00pm


Benefits of this Course

You will learn:

  • The power of giving one’s word, keeping it, or cleaning up any messes made if they do not.
  • The power of making promises and fulfilling on them.
  • That they have a choice to operate with Integrity. (almost all people do not see their lack of integrity and the cost that it is).
  • How to be a whole and complete person and the benefits thereof.
  • Integrity is key to workability and increased performance.
  • Restoring integrity when you are out of integrity.
  • Realistic Integrity dramatically increases performance without changing circumstances.
  • Increasing accountability and ownership.
  • Integrity is the essential ingredient to producing outstanding results.
  • Language of committed speaking and listening
  • Why we do not have integrity
  • The importance of maintaining organizational Integrity
  • And a lot lot more...

Who this course is designed for

This course is for small business, non-profits, government agencies, medium and large organizations, entrepreneurs and their employees .  

Our work is unique and different than all other consulting/training programs in the marketplace. Check this out. We promise that if your business colleagues and employees practice what we offer, you will have increased productivity and results.

What to expect of this Course

  • New communication skills: how we really listen (automatic listening) and how to dramatically improve communication.
  • Being crystal clear about the difference between Integrity and Morality/Ethics?
  • Veils of Invisibility (why are we so blind to the effects of the lack of integrity)?
  • The impact of a lack of integrity in one’s organization and personal life. What does the absence of Integrity cost you?
  • How to deal with integrity collisions.
  • Implementing these learnings into daily life.
  • How to restore integrity when you are out-of-integrity
  • The language of committed speaking and listening (What are promises?

"Barry Berman’s Integrity presentation is not your typical “be a good person” presentation. He pushes you to think critically about how your life is impacted by short cuts you may have taken at the risk of your integrity. If you are willing to take this deep dive this presentation is for you and no doubt you will come out better for it."

Aaron Birst, National Association of Counties, Legal Counsel, Assistant Director - Policy

"Distinct from other practices and workshops I have engaged in, Barry stays with you so that you don’t “lose” that with which you learned to the environments we are immersed in daily and that nagging voice in our heads. He has empowered my relationship with what it means to honor my word. His work In my life has transformed the average into the extraordinary.”

Robert D. Lantz, Esq. Member Attorney , Castle Lantz Maricle LLC

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